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As i lay dieing

"I hope that guy fucking dies"

12 June

About the plainest person you can meet. I was originaly born in the Soviet Union and am currently living in the states. I'm too tall for my own good, I think like 6'6". I have Brown hair and blue eyes.I have way too many intrests, i'm into just about any sport. Although, Tennis is my favorite. I'm also way too into anime, games, fighting and rpg games mostly. I'm Still ranked #3 in the Northwest at SoulCalibur 2 and was once ranked 23rd at MvC2 in the world. Now I just spend too much time on Tekken 5. As for anime, I like all sorts but here is a short list of my favs (Evangelion, Cowboybebop, FMA, Naruto, Galaxy express 999, Prince of Tennis, and many more). I like all music, except for country, Get that crap out of here. My Chemical Romance was awesome 'till they went mainstream. See, pretty boring, Oh I also go to a major university and am a business administration major with a philosophy minor.