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As i lay dieing

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Saturday, October 6th, 2007
11:57 am
Happy Birth Day

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Friday, December 1st, 2006
5:00 pm - Clearing some things up
I am making this post to once and for all clear things up becaue i heard from a friend today at work that you think that i hate you. This couldn't be any further from the truth. I mean yes i did at the start but it was a trivial childish hate that really arose out of my jelousy. And as for the avoidance it wasn't because of hate either. It was more to make it easy for me to let go. You know out of sight out of mind. If anything i should thank you. If it weren't for the motivation that i got from being around you or wanting to be around you i would be nowhere today. Befor i met you i was pretty much a low life. A little kid who played video games all day, spent all day at Gateway (ewwww), and didn't care about my health. Though we have had some hard times mainly due to my stupidness i still set goals to hopefully impress you or something. I don't really know what i was thinking but i kept those goals. Now i'm going to graduate with a business degree this year and i've been offerd a job at starbucks corprate headquarters so i'll probably be moving to seattle after this summer. On top of that my health has improved dramatically. I'm not going to appolagize for anything in the past for not all of it was my fault but i know now that i acted like a little shit.

More than anything i just want to wish you luck in Japan. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. You have definatly had it far from easy but what you must understand is that life isn't supposed to be easy and just handed to you and thats why you need to make friends so you have someone that you can rely on. Sometimes you just need to let people in and not keep so closed off. I also don't think the whole jimmy thing is a good idea but who am i to say anything.

Well good luck in Japan XD *crosses fingers*


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Friday, October 6th, 2006
3:25 pm - I know the spark inside your eyes was just the match i used to set mysel on fire

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
2:34 am - ummm soo yah
Finaly finished moving. The room is pretty cool and much larger than my other one so much more that i theink i may put a small couch next to the window. Id have pictures but not like it really matters. It feels weird being here. Kind of uncomfortable. Its really freakin boring here though. When my room was put in they unconnected the cable so there is no tv or internet other than dial up.

current mood: FUCK FUCK FUCK!

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
4:45 pm - WooT
So today is pretty boring so far. Did nothing but go to class really. I'm excited though becasue my dad gets into town today. He's been gone for a month which sucked. On another note. Christ school is pissing me off. I don't know weather i'm just tired of it or what but i'm just not motivated at all really. I think its because i've been overworked this term. I have 2 fifteen minute presentations due next friday >_<. Oh well. Now that my dad is back i have a lot to take care of. Getting my licence in a week. WooTage. And probably a car the week after that since i'm getting some cheep peice of crap.

Oh snap! New naruto tonight as well. Haven't been watching too much anime lately. Just naruto and thats it since i finished samurai champloo. Guess i'm just bored with everything.

current mood: blank

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Friday, April 15th, 2005
3:32 pm - Last post since i don't really find a use for this journal.
I don't really post much in here anyway. Its not like anyone reads it or really cares. Maybe in time if i have something intresting to post i will. But thats not likely since i'm kind of boring.

"I have finaly awakend. Awakend from my idiotic dreaming about the future. My dream doesn't exist in the future. My dream lies in the past. Thats the only place where it exists..." Sasuke

current mood: calm

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
12:47 am - Comment to be added.

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